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Our Pinkie’s Farm Experience!

Brie and I recently went on a day tour to Pinkie’s Farm, a single origin dairy farm in Lipa, Batangas. It’s actually the first time I’ve heard of such a place, we got lucky that it was part of her school’s field trip!

Single Origin Dairy Farm means all their dairy products come from ONE farm only. They only use the milk from their own grass-fed cows, guaranteed no hormones, no chemicals and definitely ALL Natural. As dairy-lovers, we were both excited for all the activities to come (especially tasting the fresh milk!)

We were part of a huge group, and they divided us by sections to take turns on each activity:

Product Tasting

Fresh milk, Strawberry Yogurt and Chocolate Milk were served to us in tiny paper cups. The Strawberry milk was our fave! I like that they use glass packaging for their milk. It’s earth-friendly, can maintain ideal temperature longer, no aftertaste, and BPA-free! Plus they’re reusable!

Next was the diced kesong puti (white cheese) served in a plate. It was cold and fresh, we kept coming back for more! Super yum!

Pastillas-Making Demo

This got the kids to sit still quietly as they watched the lady cook the pastillas – a popular Filipino sweet treat made out of milk and sugar. While cooking, the speaker told us the story behind Pinkie’s farm. Imagine, a farm that just started as a hobby with just 3 cows and a bull, has now grown to more than a hundred cows!

Dairy Farm Tour

We then walked to the farm where all the cows are found. Unlike the malnourished cows we used to see during trips out of town, here you’ll find big, fat, healthy, grass-fed cows – think huge, New Zealand black and white cows! At the Cow Barn, the kids were given long strips of grass to feed the cows. Brie kept asking for more grass and she enjoyed watching the cow devour each strip!

The smell of the place was pungent, thus the pose. LOL

Next, we were led to the Calf Elementary School where you get to feed the calves with bottled milk. The kids were all having fun, taking turns to bottle-feed the calves.

Lastly, we walked back to the Cow Barn and proceeded to the Milking Parlor where each child had a turn at hand-expressing milk from a cow. The manongs instructed each kid on how to properly squeeze the teat for effective milking. Brie caught on quite quickly and she was able to hand-express so much milk! She was so proud of herself being able to complete the task! They also showed us how they use the machine for milking and explained how they collect milk for processing.

Milking Parlor

After all the activities, we went back to the main garden for our outdoor lunch. Freshly cooked nilagang baka (boiled cow’s meat) with veggies and rice were waiting for the adults, while the kids were served with spaghetti and puto.

The meat was soooo good and soft!

Tips for the Trip

  • Wear comfy outdoor clothes, it can get really hot.
  • Choose closed shoes or rubber shoes that you’re ok to get dirty/dusty. It’s a farm, so expect to walk on soil or even on wet floors.
  • Bring a hat or umbrella, you will be walking under the sun going to the dairy farm.
  • Bring extra change of clothes for the kids.
  • Bring extra cash for shopping! Have your list of products ready, submit early and pay ahead if you can, it can get crazy when everyone starts ordering and claiming their products all at the same time.

Pinkie’s Farm was indeed a unique experience, worth the long drive and unforgettable for the kids. I highly recommend you bring your children here and try their milk products too!

For more information and farm tour bookings, check their official website


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