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Li’l Twinkies : Quality Baby Products that Help Make Parenting Fun

Most of my daily dilemma as a stay-at-home mom revolves around feeding my two kids. One is a slow, picky-eater while the other has a knack for throwing food or utensils as part of her meal time. It can get pretty messy and noisy in the household!

I’ve always been on the lookout for quality baby products that does their job well and are reasonably priced. I don’t just go buy a brand coz it’s popular, I usually check product reviews or ask my mommy friends before I go for the purchase. When I learned about Li’l Twinkies from a fellow mom, I told her I have to try and use it for my kids first before I can recommend it and share to other mommies.

I chose to try out the Anti Slip Silicone Dish Plate (PhP 800), Silicone Weaning Bowl (PhP 599) and Silicone Weaning Spoon (PhP 290). It was an easy purchase from the Shopee app and it only took 3 days to deliver from the time the payment was sent. The items were packaged very well too.

Brie unboxed the goodies and we used it that very day. The food-grade silicone was definitely easier to clean compared to typical baby plates and utensils. This is also BPA-free and Phthalate-free, laboratory tested and meets the FDA standards. After washing, I threw them all in the Ecomom for sterilizing before using them on the next meal time.

Brie was super excited to use the pink dish plate. Though this can be used by babies 6 months onwards, I specifically chose this for my six-year-old coz I knew she would love to segregate the veggies, meat, fruit and rice into the 4 wide sections. She had so much fun eating with her new plate, and I did not have to worry about it being pushed off the table – thanks to the anti-slip feature! Plus points for making meal time enjoyable for Brie!

As for my one-year-old, Lauren also had fun learning to scoop her food using her new Silicone Weaning Spoon and Weaning Bowl. She usually eats with her hands, so having the spoon for practice was also good to distract her from playing with her food. I wish the bowl had a suction base though, coz even if it was anti-slip, there’s still a small chance of it being toppled over by a determined toddler.

Li’l Twinkies has other products for infants and breastfeeding moms. Here are some of their products I wish I had when I was breastfeeding:

They also have a bigger version of a handheld sanitizer! I got a small version of this from another brand and it was life-changing. I’d love to get this soon as well, you know a germophobe momma like me would enjoy this for the home!

Magic UV Wand Sanitizer PhP 1,800

I must say, I’m very happy with my products and the kids always choose their Li’l Twinkies during meals. I would definitely recommend to fellow mommas!

Li’l Twinkies products are available on their official website, Shopee, Babymama, Mommy Mundo, BabyLand Ph Eastwood and Shaw branch, and on the upcoming Mommy Mundo World on March 16-17, 2019 at The Fifth at Rockwell.


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