Zoomoo Asia, the World’s First Preschool Channel About Animals Now on SkyCable Select

Being a parent of a Gen Z and a Gen Aplha, I often worry about this new world of internet-savvy and technologically literate “screenagers”. As much as we try to avoid exposing them to gadgets and television, there are just some things we cannot control. Often I find myself giving in to my super kulit 6-year-old as she pleads for a short amount of screen time to watch her favorite shows. I set our rules and make sure I monitor the channels or movies that she chooses. I’ve always wished for a channel wherein I would feel safe to let my child enjoy watching without my prying eyes.

Thankfully, Brie and I were recently invited by SkyCable for the launch of their newest edutainment channel for kids – Zoomoo, focused solely on improving a child’s “Animal Quotient (AQ)” through a library of shows that helps kids to grow up with a better grasp of the animal world. They hosted a panel discussion about the importance of teaching children about animals and nature at an early age. It was led by journalist and environmental advocate Gregg Yan and lifestyle television host Kelly Misa-Fernandez , and was held at Zoo Coffee of Ayala Vertis North – a cute zoo-themed cafe that served as the perfect venue for the event.

Topics such as the benefits and challenges of the digital age, how to teach kids about wildlife conservation and environmental awareness made an impact to me. I realized that we, as parents, have a huge role in imparting this kind of knowledge to our kids for them to be better stewards of the planet.

ZooMoo channel comprises 1,500 self-contained shows combining spectacular wildlife footage with a range of puppetry, animations, and narrative techniques to create a unique viewing and learning experience for little viewers. Its programming lineup follows five themes: explore time, create time, play time, puzzle time and quiet time. I’m sure my little girl will enjoy this channel as much as I would. She’s such an animal-lover!

And with the Zoomoo App (downloadable through App Store and Google Play), it will be a more interactive experience for my family. It can serve as a second screen where we can have access to the shows on our tablet or smart phone when we are not at home. It’s a one-time download, no internet access required! Perfect for keeping the kids busy during travel or long drives!

I was one of the lucky winners of a 1 year subscription of Zoomoo! Finally, something educational to replace unboxing toy videos and senseless cartoon channels!

If you are a SkyCable subscriber, you can choose to add ZooMoo (channel 120) to your channel line-up for only P20 per month via SKYcable Select.


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