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10 Must Have Products for the New Mom

If you are a new mom and you’re wondering, “What ELSE do I need for the baby?” I’m sure you probably have the necessities to start caring for your newborn. How about asking yourself this:

What products can make my life easier as a new mom?

Doesn’t that sound better? Haha! I wonder why I never thought about this with my first baby? I was completely clueless and relied mostly on gifts and just the basics. On my second pregnancy last 2017, I was more aware of what worked and what didn’t in raising my first born. Plus, I was exposed to a lot of mommy groups and events that opened my eyes to so many products that made mom life easier. This time around, I have an army of new products that I have proven to be worth every single peso. Ugh, I wish I had these 6 years ago!

  1. Baby K’Tan

I never knew the world of baby-wearing until I tried this life-changing product! It was Lauren’s second month when I finally decided to get a Baby K’Tan Active from Mothercare. It was a purchase I’ve been wanting to do because being a breastfeeding momma is already super tiring especially when you are out with the baby. Lauren didn’t last long in her stroller unless she is asleep. So imagine me carrying an infant while strolling around the mall, and even during meal time! It was so freakin’ hard and exhausting.

Having this baby carrier made going out with my baby SO MUCH EASIER. It liberated me and I could even head out on my own with just a backpack of baby stuff. It was that easy! Here’s why:

“The Baby K’tan has a unique double-loop design that functions as a sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet there is NO WRAPPING or buckling involved; simply slip it on like a T-SHIRT in three simple steps.” Source

See? I mean there are so many baby carriers out there, but this double-loop design was the game-changer for me. I wanted something I can wear on my own without needing any kind of assistance. The salesladies from Mothercare Greenbelt mall were very helpful and even demonstrated how easy it was to “wear my baby” with the K’Tan. I was sold, bought it at 3,500 pesos. I wore it right after the purchase and I had my first decent meal in a restaurant since I gave birth. Lauren was sound asleep inside the carrier! Like, every time I wear her, she becomes more relaxed, easily falls asleep and stays asleep longer which helps me do more things! And there are a lot of positions you can do based on your baby’s age and depending on your comfort as well. 

Thanks to baby-wearing, I’m able to eat in peace!
Armed with just a backpack of baby stuff, Baby K’tan allows me to comfortably go anywhere with my baby

2. Ecomom

I’m a germophobe. Most of my friends know the extent of my “OC-ness” against dirt. Having children was the biggest challenge for me especially the toddler age! So when I learned about this device that can sterilize 99.9% of bacteria through UV-C light, I made sure to get one for baby number 2! Even though I knew I wouldn’t be using bottles, I still got this because of its many uses. I sterlized newborn clothes, diaper changing mats, my reusable breast pads, nursing bra, phone, toothbrush and everything else that I use for the baby that could fit inside that box. Thankfully I have this because, I unexpectedly had to bottle feed Lauren with formula on her 7th month. (See my Breastfeeding Journey) So all the bottles, brushes, nipples, etc are placed here after washing. Looking back 6 years ago, I used to have the old-school bottle sterilizer which was limited to 4 bottles only. Although this Ecomom is optional especially if you already have a bottle sterilizer, if you can splurge on it, I tell you it’s definitely worth every peso. My baby is now 14 months old and I’m now putting in more toys since she loves to put things in her mouth! It will always be useful for the kids and for the home. I highly recommend you purchase this in mom bazaars like Expomom, I got mine from Mighty Baby Ph. They have payment terms and might give freebies too!

3. Snug-a-Hug

I got this pillow on my second trimester when I started having back pains and finding a good sleeping position was getting more difficult. After giving birth, it became my nursing pillow and provided comfort in so many ways! We’re a co-sleeping family so I also use it as a barrier to Brie when we sleep, so she won’t hit Lauren when I side-latch on the left boob.

Today I am no longer breastfeeding but it’s still so useful for my entire family! It’s still as good as new, and did not deform in any way. ROI talaga! I got this from ExpoMom too, at 2,500 pesos it comes with a pillow case and you can choose from a lot of colors!

4. Wink

Click photo to view post from Urban Essentials

This is one thing I REGRET NOT HAVING. 😦  I already had several binders so I thought I didn’t need to get a Wink anymore. But I’m still including it on my must-have list because it really is the BEST postpartum binder that provides compression and support during post partum recovery. I wish I have this coz all my other binders did not work so well huhu. I swear to get one on my next pregnancy! There are different kinds of Wink but the best seller is the Ultra Bikini that has adjustable hooks on the side and on the crotch area. My friends swear by this, and it’s not just for CS moms, even normal delivery moms can use this as it helps support your belly after child birth. It also helps shrink your waistline faster! Check out Urban Essentials on IG!

5. Wallaby Changing Mat

This was on my baby’s gift registry! I used to have the basic mat that comes free with a baby bag, but I wanted this Wallaby mat for the many storage pockets it contains! Since I started using this, my baby bag became more organized. In the pockets I placed a few extra diapers, a small towel, and travel-sized baby wipes. It comes with a strap hanger so I can easily attach it to the stroller or outside the baby bag. The surface is so easy to clean too, I just use wipes to clean it or I toss it in the Ecomom. I still use it til now, one of the best gifts we got!

6. UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Every OC mom should have this! Ohemgee I think I’ve recommended this to every single mom I’ve talked to. Haha! It’s a hand-held, battery operated gadget (I call it my magic wand) that can zap away germs and bacteria from any surface using its UV-C light. I take it everywhere with me (with or without the kids), it’s always in my bag! I use it for restaurant utensils, disinfecting baby high chairs, toys, teethers, cleaning the dreaded public toilet seat before Brie sits on it (given that she can still hold in her pee), my phone, my laptop… EVERYTHING! As in everything that I think would be dirty, I zap them clean! It costs only 1,200 pesos but I got mine from the Expomom so they gave me a discount! Get this, I swear it’s such a good buy!

7. Bedside crib

Again, one of our best buys for our second baby that I wish I had for my first born. Co-sleeping worked for us the first time around because we all fit in our queen bed. We live in a condo and the crib we got couldn’t fit in our room. So there were times I wished the crib was right next to our bed! On my second pregnancy, I knew we won’t fit in our bed anymore, so a bed side crib was a NEED. I got the Chicco Next To Me bedside crib from Kids Company online, because I wanted how it can level with our bed as if it was an extension. Literally within an arm’s reach, I didn’t need to stand up, I could easily get her to breastfeed and go back to sleep without worrying about her safety. 

8. Swaddles

Another necessity I did not have with my first born! I used the muslin blankets before and had no idea about swaddles! Don’t get me wrong, muslin blankets are also great for swaddling BUT sometimes our wriggly babies tend to get their arms out of it! With Lauren, I made sure I got enough swaddles that either have the velcro closure or the ones that wrap around the baby without restricting their hips and legs. With the right swaddle, they sleep better, makes them calm, prevents their little arms from sticking out and avoids the startling. More sleep time = more mommy time! I highly recommend Miracle blanket from Urban Essentials Ph or if you want something with velcro closures, I used the Swaddle Me brand for Lauren.

9. Baby Rocker Chair

I don’t know about you but both my babies suffered from reflux during their early months. It caused so much anxiety and panic for us parents to see milk come out of their noses while they gasp for air! Our pedia recommended to avoid laying them flat on bed, and although our bedside crib can be tilted at an angle for cases like this, we’re blessed to be gifted by my mom-in-law with a Fisher Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker. It was just what we needed.

It’s a chair that can be adjusted on different angles and heights, and it came with an overhead toy bar. Our baby can sit or lay comfortably and secured with the 3-point seatbelt. For a time, I placed the chair on top of the bedside crib so Lauren was still beside me as I slept. It was such a relief to have this chair as I can leave her sitting there with the vibrate mode on, while I do household chores or work. This is available in Rustan’s department store.

10. Nose Frida

This is one of those products that saved my baby (and my sanity) during the times she got sick with colds. Mommas, those suction bulbs are unhygienic and cannot suck as much snot as this one can! Watch the video from NoseFrida IG account here.

I’ve already experienced sucking my first-born’s nose using my mouth, coz she was literally having a hard time breathing because of her clogged nose. Imagine all those sleepless nights! I’m just so thankful someone invented this, and it is indeed very effective! You get so much mucous out of your baby’s nose because you control the suction. It comes with a tube that has a mouthpiece and another tube with a tapered end for the baby’s nose. A filter is included to prevent transfer of mucous. It’s so easy to clean and it gets the job done every single time. I ordered it from their Instagram account, but you can also get them on this month’s Baby Company Grand Baby Fair in SM Megamall! 

So these are all the awesome products I wish I had the first time around! I hope I’m able to help you mommas with these tips! Having a baby is truly very exciting and I wish that my experiences will somehow help you in your decisions on what products to get! There are so many brands out there, and it is also wise to take time to evaluate which ones will be most useful for you and to compare the prices that you see online and in stores. Do check out ExpoMom, MommyMundo and Baby Company Ph on Facebook and Instagram for their upcoming events so you can save on huge discounts! Happy shopping, mommas!


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