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10 Must Have Products for the New Mom

If you are a new mom and you’re wondering, “What ELSE do I need for the baby?” I’m sure you probably have the necessities to start caring for your newborn. How about asking yourself this:

What products can make my life easier as a new mom?

Doesn’t that sound better? Haha! I wonder why I never thought about this with my first baby? I was completely clueless and relied mostly on gifts and just the basics. On my second pregnancy last 2017, I was more aware of what worked and what didn’t in raising my first born. Plus, I was exposed to a lot of mommy groups and events that opened my eyes to so many products that made mom life easier. This time around, I have an army of new products that I have proven to be worth every single peso. Ugh, I wish I had these 6 years ago! Continue reading “10 Must Have Products for the New Mom”