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5th Branch of JinJoo Korean Grill now open in Glorietta 4

When I heard that JinJoo was opening a new branch in Glorietta, the KBBQ-lover in me rejoiced! The first and last time I was in their SM Aura branch was when I was 3 months preggy with Lauren and I hated the sight, smell and taste of meat.πŸ˜… So this time I was so excited that I could finally devour their meats!😁

5th branch in Glorietta 4 near Ascott entrance

It was the day before their grand opening that I was invited to a Private Tasting Event in their Glorietta 4 branch. I must say, this branch is the prettiest! A spacious KBBQ heaven for families, barkadas, meetings, date nights or food trips!

I got my eyes set to order the Cheese Deung Galbi – one of their signature dishes. Seeing how the melted mozzarella was wrapped around those chunky BBQ baby back ribs was already mouth-watering. Taking a bite out of fall-off-the-bone rib was heaven.

Another favorite was the Fire Cheese Chicken! I have to admit, I have low tolerance for spicy food. This was an exception! It was soooo good!

The Budae Jigae was a standout as well! A flavorful ramen with SPAM, sausage, mushrooms & spicy broth. I only had a few mouthfuls til my spice-o-meter went through the roof!πŸ˜‚ Β 

Budae Jigae

We were literally hashtag-blessed that we got to order anything from the menu. Our flat-lay table was filled to the edges with all their top selling dishes and meats. It was a sight to behold! The best part was the cooking and eating of course. And since this is the only branch that had an actual bar inside, we were also served with korean alcohol beverages. We held our glass up high and shouted β€œGeon-Bae!” before we took the shot.

Make sure you bring your friends and family to JinJoo’s 5th branch in Glorietta 4! The food, service and ambience won’t ever disappoint!

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