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Treat your feet with Footlogix Pediceuticals at French Tips Organic Nail Lounge

Taking pride as the pioneer in the country and the metro’s only eco-chic salon, French Tips yet again breaks the ground in the first ever official salon launch of Footlogix Pediceuticals. Being recognized as the world’s first and only Pediceutical foot care line that offers innovative products which provides effective transformational results, Footlogix provides treatment solutions for skin-related foot concerns.

It was a much-needed day of pampering as I got invited to try this level up foot spa service in their SM Aura branch. I experienced the 5-step treatment using Footlogix product line:

  1. Foot Soak – a few drops were mixed into the pail of warm water and my feet were left to soak for a while before the process began.
  2. Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub – the first step after a foot soak, my feet and legs were rubbed with this green scrub. An important step prior to treatment is to get rid of all the dead skin on the surface.
  3. Callus Softener – My feet were sprayed with this product that helps soften the hardened skin to make it easy to rub off using their special coarse, metal paddle. The paddle itself was not like the typical wooden ones used in foot spas. This metal surface is more hygienic, had a smoother glide against the skin while providing a good exfoliation with every rub.
  4. Massage Formula – this was lathered on my feet after rinsing. I was also treated with a few minutes of foot massage which felt SO good!
  5. Very Dry Skin Formula – this mousse was lathered on my feet and legs and was the last treatment step. It’s non-greasy, felt very light and made my feet feel buttery soft!

Footlogix provides a curative approach in addressing common foot-related skin concerns such as dry cracked heels, calluses, excessive sweating, foul odor, and even athlete’s foot. It’s mousse-based foot care line uses Dermal Infusion Technology to mimic the skin’s own composition and allow for effective delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Recently, French Tips announced its Footlogix Foot Therapy offering in all its branches. Not only that, it’s currently offered at a special introductory price of only Php 950! Because of the French Tips commitment to deliver the most caring pampering, they are offering an additional Php 100 discount for the Footlogix Foot Therapy until February 2020! Now you can avail this world-class service for only Php 850! What a steal compared to its hotel price at Php 1,800! You can opt to purchase the products over-the-counter as well, having your very own treatment at the comforts of your home.

I’m so happy to have discovered a place that carries cruelty-free and vegan products that are also safe for kids and preggos! Get your #FeetHealed at French Tips Organic!

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