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My Experience on the Mr. Butler Home Cleaning Service

The past two months have been a whirlwind of adulting and major life transitions. If you follow me on Instagram you’d see my #lipatbahayseries with our never ending sorting, organizing and cleaning. We’ve lived in a condo ever since we got married, so this bigger and more spacious home entailed a lot of adjustments for us! Our helper/nanny for the past 6 years also retired and left a few days before we moved in.  So can you just imagine all the house work we have to take care of aside from the kids?😅 

Nowadays, it’s a good thing we can outsource services that can help make our lives easier. #Nohelpernoproblem as they say. Thankful that there are companies such as Mr. Butler who can provide a variety of services such as deep cleaning for your home, errands, laundry, landscaping, welding, plumbing, etc etc! Looking at their IG and FB profile gave me a sigh of relief. Like, I know who to call for this and that! They’re like a one stop solution for all things home!

Photo screenshot from website:

I recently experienced their amazing service and it was the perfect time after we have settled into our new home and badly needed deep cleaning of all the nooks and crannies we could not clean ourselves. One of my concerns in this house is the level of dust on the walls and ceilings and leftover cement dust on the bathroom floors, dirt on all the window screens, and the high cabinets I couldn’t make use of coz they’re still dirty and dusty. It’s like no matter how much we vacuum and mop, it’s still not enough. So turning to a professional cleaning service can really solve this issue.

The “butlers” arrived early despite the rainy weather. I was greeted by Mr. Dan, their head of operations, and I also finally got to meet Ina, whom I have been communicating with ever since. Four lady butlers were assigned to my house for the day and they did not waste a single minute. They started cleaning as soon as they arrived!

Each butler is assigned to clean one room while another butler took care of tall the windows, grills and screens from outside.

Vacuum and steam cleaning of all our beds and upholstery was another priority. Having two kids, you can’t avoid those little accidents at night, some milk spills and also a lot of drools. The butlers used their powerful Gruenheim machine to suck out all the grime. Seriously it’s so therapeutic to watch!

My mom was so happy seeing her bed being vacuumed!
It’s been months since this playpen has been thoroughly cleaned! Imagine all the dirt, food crumbs, even pee stains! Thankful for this Gruenheim machine! Now it’s super clean!

I truly appreciate that they also help declutter and organize your home. Having extra people help me arrange our things made everything easier and faster. I just gave them specific instructions and off they went, slowly getting rid of the pile of clutter from the living room into our cabinets!

The butlers also sorted and organized our things. This is my mom’s clothes and stuff from her cabinet.
Finally putting these storage boxes where they belong (and won’t be seen). The butlers patiently arranged each box into their rightful places inside our cabinets!

For the bathroom, I told them that we were having problems with the shower drain that easily floods up. We already declogged it before moving in but somehow, it still drains too slowly. Ina instructed them to use the steam vacuum to declog the drain and it worked!

BEFORE: Rough floor, a lot of dried white stains.
AFTER: Floor is smoother and cleaner!

The butlers also helped us organize our kitchen and dining area. Boxes of kitchen appliances that were piled in the maid’s room have been cleaned and stored in the rightful cabinets. Mr. Dan also helped fix our dining chairs that had loose joints. I did not even ask him to do that but he noticed the chairs were wobbly and volunteered to screw them tight.

Another concern for me are the piles of boxes and clutter in the living room that I can’t seem to get rid of. Because all the higher cabinets have been cleaned, most of these are now stored neatly in our bedroom cabinets. I finally said goodbye to all the kalats in our living room! Hooray for a clean space that’s ready to be decorated!

Unfortunately they weren’t able to do groundskeeping due to the rainy weather. I will book them for that next time. All in all I am happy with the Mr. Butler service and would recommend them to my friends! Truly, they provide all the help you can trust.

Visit their website to learn more about their services!


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